Tulip Season in the Netherlands

Updated: 01 July 2020
Probably the most asked question we get: ‘When is Tulip Season in the Netherlands?’, followed by ‘What is the best time to see the tulips in bloom?’. So let’s answer these questions and give you all the information you ever wanted to know about the ‘Tulip Festival in the Netherlands’.

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Holland Tulip Festival Keukenhof

Tulips are part of the group of spring flowers. First spring bulbs to bloom are: snowdrops in February. Followed by crocus and daffodils mid-March, grape-hyacinth and hyacinth end of March and then early-, middle- and late-blooming tulips until mid-May. So there is -never- one time when you see everything in bloom.
Keukenhof Park is only open 7 weeks out of the year. Please check the dates for the coming years

We expect the following opening dates:

  • Keukenhof 2022 | Saturday 19 March – Sunday 8 May
  • Keukenhof 2023 | Saturday 18 March – Sunday 7 May
  • Keukenhof 2024 | Saturday 17 March – Sunday 6 May

Please always check for the exact dates on


In 2021 Keukenhof is open from Saturday March 20 until Sunday May 9.

Best Time to See Tulips in Bloom

It is Mother Nature who answers this question every year. If winter is warm the flowers bloom early. If it stays cold it take longer for the flowers to bloom. Is it warm during tulip season, the flowers don’t last as long.

The Best Time to See Tulips in Bloom is in the last 2 weeks of April and the first week of May.

Are you not able to come these 3 weeks? No problem! Keukenhof Gardens always makes sure the park is beautiful from day one until they last day. There are indoor and outdoor areas. So if outdoor not everything is blooming, they make sure you can enjoy the blooming flowers indoors.


Tulip Season is súper busy. Check our availability and book ASAP!

Missing Tulip Season? You can still enjoy flowers!

  • All year – Visit Flower Auction Flora Holland.
  • Jan/Feb/Mar – Visit Tulip Farmer. See how the flowers grow inside the greenhouse.
  • Mar/Apr/May – Spring flower, Tulip season
  • Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep – Contact us for garden visits! Private Garden tours, Castle Gardens, Rose Gardens, Botanical Gardens and more!
  • Aug/Sep – Almost every weekend there are amazing Flower Parade’s

In 2022 Floriade Expo will be held from Thursday April 28 until Sunday October 23. This amazing world horticultural event only takes place every 10 years. This time in Almere with the theme ‘Green Cities’.


2022 Floriade Almere is open from April 28 until October 23.