Things To Do in the Netherlands

5 ‘W’onderful Things To Do in the Netherlands.

Tourism is booming in Amsterdam and the Netherlands! Everyone wants to see the amazing windmills, colorful tulips, taste delicious Gouda cheese and try on a pair of wooden shoes.
If you wish to avoid crowds in Amsterdam and/or have already seen the typical Dutch highlights, don’t despair. With our professional local guides, you’ll discover more Wonderful Ways to Experience the Netherlands!

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Wine tasting Dutch vineyards

Dutch wines are becoming very popular! And for a good reason, you can taste the passion of the winegrower with every sip you take. Wine is probably not the first thing you think about when you got to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. But the Romans where already growing wine in this small country. Since 20 years, about 170 vineyards are making award wining wines, from special cultivated grapes for Dutch weather and soil, like: Solaris, Johanitter, Regent, etc. Ready to taste some wine?

Things To Do in the Netherlands - wine tasting

Walk the mudflats

In 2009 the Wadden Sea (intertidal zone) has been added to Unesco World Heritage List. The word ‘Wad’ is Dutch for “mud flat”. When it is low tide you take a boat out into the sea until it gets stuck. Climb out and start walking the mud flats for about 3-hours to the islands. Professional guides will tell you about the unique eco-system, point out seals (when you’re lucky), and show you the way through the ditches. A true one in a lifetime experience.

Things To Do in the Netherlands - explore nature

Workshop Delft Blue or Gouda cheese

The century old crafts of painting with Delft Blue or making Gouda Cheese are dying out. Not only see how it is made but the true experience you get from rolling up your sleeves and give it a go yourselves! A very Dutch thing to do in the Netherlands.
Learn the technique of working with black waterbased paint which will turn in the famous blue and white after firing the earthenware.
Dig in deep when you scoop out the curds to press them into the mold for a tasty Gouda cheese. And it all did look so easy right?

Things To Do in the Netherlands - cheese workshop


About two-thirds of The Netherlands is below or at sea level. Without a decent watermanagement the low country wouldn’t even exist. Why do so many people choose to live below sea level, on the bottom of former lakes, paying €330 annually per person to make sure their houses don’t get flooded? Visit the famous Storm Surge Barriers of the Delta Works, Cruquius the largest steam pump in the world, 20-miles long Enclosing Dike, some of the 3000 polders reclaimed land. Some impressive Dutch engineering over the last 2000 years, has created this unique landscape.

Watermanagement-DeltaWorks - 5 ways to experience the Netherlands

Wind Energy

Everyone knows about the famous windmills of The Netherlands. Back in the days wind energy was used to operate traditional windmills for grinding grain, cutting wood, pumping water and many other things. A new thing to do in the Netherlands is to see these modern, gracious, wind turbines. In The Netherlands they are the largest source of green sustainable energy. Over 2000 wind turbines, on land and water. See them from up close in restricted area. Experience the power of wind turbines, learn how they work and the importance for the future.

Things to do in the Netherlands - Sustainable

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