No CO2 when riding a bicycle in the Netherlands - Responsible Travel

What is Responsible Travel?

Responsible Travel is about minimizing the negative effects of travel. The goal is to make better places for people to live in and also better places for people to visit. Responsible tourism requires tourism companies as well as local people and tourists to take responsibility and take action to make tourism more sustainable. Sustainability is of paramount importance to Holland Private Tour. We want to show you the beautiful country and we also want to work with you to ensure the Netherlands remains beautiful.

In this blog, we explain why it is important to travel responsible and how it helps the local community. And about the steps Holland Private Tour takes to contribute to responsible tourism and how you can be a responsible tourist. We will also give you some useful tips for when you are able to travel to the Netherlands again!

“Taking the responsibility, to make places better for people to live in and a better place for people to visit.”

Why is Responsible Travel important?

Responsible Travel has positive effects on the country you visit, but also on the people who live there. To really get to know the local people and to discover the hidden places of the Netherlands, we take you off-the-beaten-path. Our local guides know where to find the best hidden gems unknown to most travelers. This way you avoid becoming a tacky tourist ;). Connect with the Dutch locals, Create unforgettable memories and Leave only Footprints. It is important to preserve for the future, with responsible tourism, that what makes a destination attractive.

Responsible Travel takes you off-the-beaten-path

How does Responsible Travel help the Local Community?

We also think it is important to support local companies. We will take you there and tell you about local and seasonal products. Are you planning to buy something such as a souvenir? Then bring your own bag. In the Netherlands it has been mandatory since January 2016 to pay for a plastic bag. This is a rule of the European Parliament to greatly reduce the number of plastic bags in Europe.

A tip from us: take a good look at which souvenirs you buy. Sometimes souvenirs look nice, but they are for example made in China and that is a shame! That is why we would like to introduce you to local products and souvenirs. Or you can make your own souvenir!

Make your own souvenir

“We are individually and collectively responsible for how tourism functions in a place, for its positive and negative impacts. If we take responsibility, we can make positive changes.”

How we practice Responsible Tourism in the Netherlands

There are already a number of things we are doing to contribute to responsible tourism. Of course, there is always room for improvement but remember that every small step is also a step towards a better and sustainable world! For example, we drive electric or hybrid cars as much as possible during day tours. In addition, our CO2 emissions are compensated by planting trees through

And when you do a tour with us, we kindly ask you to leave your rubbish in the car so that your guide can recycle. In addition to the car, we also like to take the bicycle when possible. And we will also be happy to get on the bike for you during our virtual tour: bicycle ride through typical Dutch town.

Responsible Travel is driving an electric car - KIA eNiro

How can you be a Responsible Tourist?

The first thing you can do is bring your own water bottle. In contrast to many other countries, the tap water in the Netherlands is of good quality. It’s clean and safe to drink. You can refill your bottle in many places during the tour and therefore you do not always have to buy plastic bottles!

Also something we inform during tours with a view to responsible tourism is: do not walk between the flower fields! It might be tempting to stand among the flowers for the perfect photo. But this can have unpleasant consequences for the flowers and therefore also for the farmer! Read more about this in the blog: See Tulip Fields in Holland.

Do you have questions or suggestions on Responsible Travel in the Netherlands, do get in touch with us.
We are happy to grow and improve, in order to make the Netherlands a better place to live and travel.