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Multi Day Tours in the Netherlands

We understand. You need multi-day tours in the Netherlands to discover and experience the Dutch culture and nature. One day in the Dutch countryside simply isn’t enough. The Netherlands is a small country, but packed with variety. There is a pleasant surprise around each corner. When guests ask us how long the drive is, we answer ’30 minutes’, because it seldom takes longer.

Stay in one city and take Multi Day Tours

You can stay in Amsterdam and take multiple day trips from here. Amsterdam is a beautiful and bussing city with plenty of things to do and attracts lost of tourists. Sometimes it can feel a bit hectic and crowded, and it prices are higher compared to other cities.

Utrecht, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft, Amersfoort are older cities than Amsterdam and equally pretty. You have the same facilities and comfort like in Amsterdam, but you lose the crowds, high prices and get to meet the locals in return.

Stay where you end the day on a roundtrip in the countryside

Staying in a small town or village adds a whole new dimension to your travels in the Netherlands. Enjoy the slower pace of the countryside, hear the birds sing, smell the fresh grass and look out over a river or green pasture when the sun goes down. Instead of returning to where you started that morning, you can also opt to stay where you ended the tour that day. This saves traveling time, and you can immerse yourself in the Dutch culture, getting a more profound experience.

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Multi Day Tours in the Netherlands