Explore the Netherlands in all seasons

The Netherlands is a country that is very famous for spring season. But is it the best season to visit Netherlands? Many travelers come to see the endless blooming flower fields. But all the seasons in The Netherlands have their charm. There are ongoing outdoor activities during spring and summer. And dozens of cozy festivities during fall and winter. Spring is the absolute high season in the Holland region. This article will show why you shouldn’t just consider visiting The Netherlands during spring. Because the rest of the year is also filled with spectacular events and sightings. Discover the best season to visit The Netherlands below.

How many seasons in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each of them is magical in its own unique way. From the foliage during fall to the flower parades during summer.

And don’t be surprised to have four seasons in one day!

The best season to visit the Netherlands is Winter Spring Summer Fall

Best season to visit Netherlands

Winter in the Netherlands

Winter is the perfect time of year to enjoy the coziness of the lowlands. The days are short, and darkness takes over most of the day. But in return, you will be able to enjoy the best Dutch drinks and treats in front of a warm fireplace. It’s the time of light festivals and Christmas markets. And the time of twinkling lights that are spread throughout cozy, historic cities. You will also find the tasty ‘oliebollen’ stalls all over the country again. 

Winter season – December / January / February

There are many benefits to visiting The Netherlands in winter. The first question Dutch people ask every winter is, ‘Can we skate on natural ice this winter?’. Witness Dutch people with dogs, sleighs, and prams ice skating on the canals and rivers. People are drinking hot chocolate on the ice. Or they enjoy a thick, traditional Dutch winter pea soup called ‘snert’ or ‘erwtensoep.’ Traveling to The Netherlands during winter will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.

But even without ice on the canals, there are plenty of things to explore during a Dutch winter. You may be more interested in visiting one of the many Christmas markets in the country. There are Christmas markets inside fortified cities and even in caves. You could also witness the Dutch’ gezelligheid’ inside brown cafés or bookshops. Winter is your time to see The Netherlands at its utmost best. But January is the coldest month in The Netherlands. So, remember your thick winter coat.

Things to do in Winter

  • Amsterdam’s Light Festival
  • Avoid the crowds and enjoy museums
  • Enjoy a hot chocolate with whipped cream and warm Dutch apple pie
  • Go ice skating on frozen canals or ice-skate ring
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Spring in the Netherlands

Spring in The Netherlands is a time of significant changes. We switch from the windy and cold winter weather to sunnier days. It starts in March and ends in June. You will see more sunshine and people outside on chairs on terraces to soak up the first rays of the sun. Millions of visitors also flock to the countryside to admire the colorful tulip fields. And cute lambs running through the meadows. 

Spring season – March / April / May

You can also enjoy a beautiful sight at some farms, called ‘koeiendans’ or cow dance. During winter, the Dutch cows are standing inside for multiple reasons. The cows can get out in the lush, green meadows again. But during spring, they get to enjoy the grass again. It’s an incredible sight to see them so happy.

One day, it feels like a warm summer day. And the next, it feels like winter has returned. But that’s one of the charms of spring. It is also the time when temperatures quickly rise and fall. It has the best of both worlds.

Things to do in Spring

  • Tulip season from mid-March to mid-May.
  • Apple and pear fruit trees blossom in the Betuwe.
  • Eat white asparagus in the season.
  • Explore the awakening nature on foot or bicycle.
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Summer in the Netherlands

The weather during summer in The Netherlands is excellent. The days are very long, with sunsets happening late in the evening. All locals are outside enjoying these warm days and recharging their vitamin D.

Summer in The Netherlands –  June / July / August

The Netherlands turns into a big festival during summer. You can enjoy incredible art, food, and music festivals. 

But that’s not all. The purple moorlands will bloom during this beautiful season in The Netherlands. And the yearly dahlia flower parades take place throughout the summer months.

It is also the best time to go mudflat walking at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea. With mudflat hiking, you will walk on the most extensive tidal system in the world.

Things to do in Summer

  • Summer strawberries are the best candy!
  • Enjoy the warm summer evenings.
  • Admire dahlia flower parades.
  • Join the locals with a drink at a sidewalk café.
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Fall in the Netherlands

The Netherlands during fall is incredible, and few people see that. Fall starts when the ‘R’ returns back in the month, SeptembeR. It is the season of drinking the seasonal dark beers called ‘bockbier’ in a cozy Dutch café. 

Fall in The Netherlands – September / October / November

Fall is also the last time when our delicious fruits are harvested. And you can take part. Pick some tasty apples or pears straight from a participating orchard and enjoy. 

This season is one with its ups and downs. Weather wise. But that makes fall one of the best seasons in The Netherlands. The country turns into a cozy bubble.

Things to do in Fall

  • Beautiful, vibrantly colored nature.
  • Enjoy an Indian summer.
  • Taste special fall beers or Dutch wines.
  • Experience the local tradition of ‘Sinterklaas’.
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Benefits of traveling to the Netherlands in the off-season

High-Season is Spring and Summer

This is when it gets busy at the tourist spots, hard (or impossible) to get tickets to museums and hotel rooms are double or triple the price.

Low-Season is Fall and Winter

The price and availability are the first significant benefit of visiting The Netherlands during the low season. Not only is accommodation less expensive, but there is also more available. This is often the same way for tours, such as walking and canal tours. 

The second advantage is that the off-season means fewer people. Cities and villages aren’t overcrowded with visitors. Restaurants have plenty of space, making you more spontaneous. And museums have more available tickets. 

The last benefit is that you will gain a different perspective on The Netherlands. People are often very busy during the high season. The restaurant is filled, tours are fully booked, and stress can be high. When you travel to The Netherlands during the off-season, you will have a more relaxing experience. You will also be able to enjoy the differences that these low seasons have to offer.