Tulip fields in Holland

See Tulip Fields in Holland

If you happen to be in the Netherlands during Tulip Season you have to see the tulip fields in Holland! But where are they? And what is the best way to enjoy the tulip fields? We offer you great tips to see and enjoy the Tulip Fields in Holland.

Where are the Blooming Tulip Fields?

It can be difficult to find the prettiest blooming Tulip Fields in Holland.

  • Not all Tulips flowers bloom at the same time.
  • Bulb flower fields are being rotated for nutrition, just like potatoes.
  • When in full bloom the farmer will cut off the flower in order to grow a better bulb.

With a Private Guide you will guaranteed see the Best Tulip Fields in the Netherlands.

Tulip fields in Holland - farmer

Looking for the Best Time to see the Tulip Fields in Bloom?

Top #4 Best Places to See Tulips in The Netherlands

Bollenstreek – 30 minutes by car South from Amsterdam

While there are different bulb-growing regions in the Netherlands, the oldest and best-known area lies between the towns of Haarlem and Sassenheim. Roughly 30km/20 miles southwest of Amsterdam by car or train, including Lisse, the small village home to the Keukenhof Gardens.
Bicycle Ride is a great way to enjoy the Tulip Fields! You can rent them at Keukenhof or a bicycle store near the tulip fields.

Tulip fields in Holland - ride your bike

Kop van Noord-Holland – 30 minutes by car North from Amsterdam

This rural region is full of tulip fields (early spring), windmills, and the coast and dunes is within easy travelling distance and offers a typical Dutch landscape. This piece of land wedged between the North Sea and the IJsselmeer boasts the world’s single biggest flower bulb field. You can go on wonderful walks or cycling tours in spring while enjoying the colorful fields.
The old steam train between Hoorn and Medemblik is a fantastic way to see flowering tulip fields.

Tulip fields Holland Train

Flevoland30 minutes by car North-East from Amsterdam

With over 2000 hectares of bulb fields, Flevoland has the largest flower field area in the Netherlands. On average more than four meters below sea level, the bottom of the former Zuiderzee has proven to be very suitable for the cultivation of tulips. In spring, routes are set out to enjoy the colorful fields by car, bike or foot. You can also reach this area by train from Amsterdam.
From mid-April until first week of May you can fly over the tulip fields by helicopter .

Tulip fields Holland Fly Helicopter

NoordOostPolder – 60 minutes by car North-East from Amsterdam

The municipality of Noordoostpolder was submerged beneath the sea. During World War II it was reclaimed from the Ijsselmeer (former Zuiderzee). Today, this large landmass is covered with the largest flower fields of the country, and considered the best place in the Netherlands to experience tulip season. Many farms in Noordoostpolder offer guided tours of their fields, and the whole area is exceptionally bike friendly.
From mid-April until first week of May there are many events and hiking, biking and car routes.

Tulip fields Holland Biking

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Tip Toe through the Tulip Fields?

Please Don’t! Yes, the tulip fields are incredibly pretty and you just want to be in there, between the flowers, Tip Toeing through them and take amazing pictures, but STOP HO!

  1. Realise you are trespassing onto private property. You can be fined.
  2. It may look like the tulip fields are just there to decorate the Dutch country side. Planted especially for tourist. SORRY, a farmer is actually trying to make a living growing these bulb to sell them. The farmer receives only 10-15% of the price you pay for it.
  3. When you walk into the tulip fields, other people copy this. Through your shoes you all may bring diseases that damage or kill the bulbs. Or you tramp on them.

Please show respect, take pictures and stay out of the tulip fields!

Tulip fields Holland No