• Welcome to Kerkdriel

    A typical Dutch village. My hometown.

    Bicycle Dutch Town Kerkdriel
  • Surrounded by river dikes (levee)

    Located between the Meuse and Waal river.

    Bicycle Ride over dike/levee in the Dutch country side
  • ‘Het Teisterband’ - country house

    It’s history goes back until 1399.

    Bicycle Dutch Town - online experience
  • Houseboats

    Beautiful spot in a dead side arm of the Meuse river.

    Houseboats in the Netherlands
  • WWII Memorial Monument

    Kerkdriel was the frontline in WWII for 6 months.

    WWII Memorial Kerkdriel
  • Former City Hall

    In the middle of the town’s square.

    Bicycle Ride through Kerkdriel
  • A typical Dutch village

    Meet the friendly Dutch people.

    Typical Dutch town - online experience

Bicycle ride through Typical Dutch town • Online Experience

Kerkdriel is a typical Dutch local town. You hop on the back of my bicycle -figure of speech- and together we ride through town, while I tell you all about the history, way of life, local customs of this typical Dutch town. Located between the rivers Maas and Waal. Protected from the water by dikes. It has a windmill for grinding grain. At sport fields, elementary schools, churches and the main square with town hall, you’ll see every day life. And what about the WWII war memorial, the counts country house from 1399 and a cast-iron urinal?

This is a –LIVE Guided– Virtual Tour Online.

  • LIVE Local Guide
  • Fun informative & interactive Online Experience
  • Stories of the Netherlands
  • PDF-file with a map and pictures to find your bearings.
  • Recorded video of the Online Experience

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