Online Experience - visit Delft, with your private guide online!

Tour the Netherlands via Online Experiences

Nothing beats travel in real life. Going places, meeting people, different scents, different light, different surroundings. It enriches our lives, creates respect, understanding and opens our hearts. It feeds our souls. But what do you do if your soul is hungry and your not able to feed it by traveling somewhere?

The next best thing are Online Experiences.
# Virtually walk through a Dutch city while your guide tells you stories and anekdotes which make the city come alive!
# Taste the Netherlands by baking Dutch delicacies (apple pie, Dutch pancakes, etc.) or cook a homestyle dish like ‘stampot’ and ‘gehaktbal’. With the [live] support via internet, of your guide providing instructions and tips, this cannot go wrong!
# Learn Dutch for your next visit of the Netherlands. A few words in a local language go a long way. 

Online Experiences of the Netherlands

More Online Experiences will soon follow. Stay tuned!